Caturday - why should cats have all the fun?


Caturday - why should cats have all the fun?



Wow, I think I’d have trouble eating this one for a number of reasons, but beautiful!


Now THIS is an #AngryBirds cake! (via

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Over 6 Million eaves spent by me alone on share purchases (without regard to ROI and focused on helping boost those with low number of shares in order to send more eaves into the event) from a total of 7 accounts during the 24 hours of (e)XPNDAPALOOZA 3 - linked here are the (e)DOMINOORACLE link (e)PWND link (I was spending for him) (e)XPNDAPALOOZA link and (e)XLNATION account records for the day. Maybe that’s why the account once went by the ticker STEVEAUSTIN?

Very SciFi feel on this one, awesome!

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Cat vs Hairdryer - The Translation (by SlurpyJ) - A bit of early Caturday action here, because EVERY day is Caturday, especially on Tumblr.


When Google+ came out, there were fairly immediate proclamations that it was destined to be a Twitter killer. Now, Facebook allows videos, pictures and links to be embedded within comments just by inserting the link as a comment. Perhaps inevitably, this leads to comparisons with Tumblr. Personally, I don’t think either Tumblr or Twitter is destined to go the way of MySpace in the near future (of course, I could be wrong) but I think this will add a bit of extra zing (or clutter, as the case may be) to a lot of Facebook pages, Status updates and group threads. What do you think? +, - or meh?

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#Celebrity Social. Justin Bieber tweets Instagram Pic of L.A. traffic, and its now the best thing ever. Everyone else tweets traffic, flowers, drinks, kids, ugly shoes and the rest of the world is like, “Whatever dude.” If you need your next tech startup to really sell…get Bieber. But don’t be boring; Add his girlfriend too. Run a BieLev campaign. [Yeah, I said that]

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